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Incomes Can Invested Operating Assets Retire Debt Shareholders Finance Essay - Free Essay Example

INTRODUCTION Incomes are earned by successful companies. These incomes can be invested in operating assets, used to retire debt or repurchase shares, or distributed to shareholders in the form of dividends. When investors buy an ordinary share in a company, they become a shareholder of the business and to that extent they will have certain entitlements, including the right to receive dividend payments. Dividends are defined as a form of rational income distribution offering to shareholders (Baker et al, 2007). Dividends are a way for companies to reward shareholders for their investment and risk-bearing. Besides, dividends also give shareholders additional returns in addition to capital gains. Normally, dividends will be distributed in the form of cash, though it can also come in the form of stock dividends. Dividends are decided upon and declared by the board of directors. Nevertheless, this pay-out is not guaranteed and the amount that shareholders will receive varies from company to company and year to year. Generally, there are two types of cash dividends, which are interim dividends and final dividends. Interim dividends are declared and distributed before the companys annual earnings are known. These interim dividends are paid out of undistributed profits brought from previous periods. A company may choose to pay interim dividends quarterly or half yearly as long as it has adequate undistributed profits brought forward from previous periods. These dividends usually accompany the companys interim financial statements. On the other hand, final dividends are declared at the end of the financial period at the time when the directors are aware of the companys profitability and financial health. Normally, final dividends are declared before the books are closed and will be paid the following year. Thus final dividends will appear as dividends payable or proposed dividends under current liabilities in the balance sheet of that period. In Malaysia, companies are free to decide when and how much to pay out in dividends for a specific financial business year as long as they comply with the Companies Act, 1965. According to Section 365 of the Act, No dividend shall be payable to the shareholders of any company except out of profits or pursuant to Section 60. In other words, the Act requires that dividends of a company can only be distributed from the profits of the company except pursuant to Section 60 of the Act. Besides, the unique characteristic of dividends in Malaysia is the tax exemption feature. With effect from the year of assessment 2008, a single-tier income tax system will replace the imputation system. Under the imputation system, a Malaysian resident company is required to deduct taxes at the prevailing corporate tax rate on taxable dividends paid to its shareholders. This tax is already accounted for through the tax paid by the company on its taxable profits, which is accumulated as dividend franking credits (Section 108 credits). When shareholders receive taxable dividends, they are entitled to a tax credit for the tax already paid by the company in respect of the income. Those credits are then used to offset the shareholders tax liability. However, under the single-tier system, profits are only taxed at the company level; thus, dividends paid under this system will be tax-exempt in the hands of shareholders. Since Modigliani and Millers seminal studies (1958, 1961), dividend policy has been an issue of great interest in the finance literature. Following their irrelevance dividend policy hypothesis many explanations have been provided in order to solve the so-called dividend puzzle. Despite a large body of literature on dividends and payout policy, researchers have yet to reach a consensus on why firms pay dividends and what determines the payout ratio. Some of the theoretical principles underlying the dividend policy of firms can be described either in terms of information asymmetries, the tax-adjusted theory, or behavioral factors. The information asymmetries encompass several aspects, including the signaling models, agency costs and the free cash flow hypothesis. 1.2 PROBLEM STATEMENT Dividends are payments made by a company to its shareholders, usually after a company earns a profit. Thus, dividends are not considered as a business expense but are a sharing of recognized assets among shareholders. Dividends are either paid regularly or can be called out anytime. Consequently, a dividend policy is a set of company rules and guidelines used to decide how much the company will pay out to its shareholders. Dividend policy is an essential financial decision made by the board of directors and the management and this decision is one of the fundamental components of corporate policy. Dividend policy has been viewed as an issue of interest in the financial literature and one of the most controversial topics in finance. Despite a large body of literature on dividends and payout policy, researchers have yet to reach a consensus on why firms pay dividends and what determines the payout ratio. The extent literature on dividend payout ratios provides firms with no generally accepted prescription for the level of dividend payment that will maximize share value. Some researchers believe that dividends increase shareholder wealth (Gordon, 1959) while many others believe otherwise. Miller and Modigliani (1961) in their irrelevant dividend hypothesis, asserts that under perfect market conditions, characterized among others by the non-existence of taxes, transaction costs and asymmetric information, dividends are irrelevant since shareholders can create homemade dividends by selling a portion of their portfolio of equitiesÂÂ  if they want cash and that there is a tradeo ff between current dividends and future capital gain. Taking into consideration various capital market imperfections, a considerable amount of theory and model are suggested to explain the dividend policy of companies. Signaling models are based on the assumption that managers have more information about the companys future cash flow than do individuals outside the company, and they have incentives to signal that information to investors (Gugler, 2003). Unexpected changes in dividend policy are used to mitigate information asymmetries between managers and owners (Frankfurter and Wood Jr., 2002). On the other hand, agency theory posits that by distributing resources in the form of cash dividends, internally generated cash flows are no longer sufficient to satisfy the needs of the companies. As a result, companies will visit the capital market more frequently for financing needs, thereby bring them under the greater scrutiny of the capital market (Easterbrook, 1984). Therefore, the payment of dividends provides the incentive for managers to reduce the costs associated with the principal/agent relationship. Agency theory seeks to explain corporate capital structure as a result of attempts to maximize shareholder wealth since dividends can act as a bonding mechanism to reduce the agency costs arising from the conflict between managers and shareholders. Starting with Jensen and Meckling (1976), researchers have been addressing the agency problem in finance from many angles. Nowadays, extensive research has been carried out regarding the issue of agency costs of dividends and the standard findings shows that dividends mitigate the free cash flow and therefore limit the managers ability to enlarge his or her own perks. However, this finding is still inconclusive since other studies have questioned the validity of this finding. For example, Noronha et al. (1996) had regressed five factors as a proxy for agency costs on the dividend payout ratio, but they found that the dividend policy is not the product of an attempt to mitigate the free cash flow problem. Agency costs happen because of conflicts of interest between agents and shareholders. Therefore, agency costs are zero in a 100% owner-managed firm. As a companys ownership structure changes and ownership is separated from control, incentive alignment problems become more important. It is assumed that if managers and shareholders are left alone, they will attempt to act in his or her own self-interest. Self-motivated management behavior includes direct expropriation of funds by the manager, consumption of excessive perquisites, shirking and suboptimal investment. The nature of monitoring and bonding contracts, the managers taste for no pecuniary benefits and the cost of replacing the manager make the actual magnitude and impact of this self-seeking behavior vary across company and country (Jensen and Meckling, 1976). Agency theory has also brought various external and internal monitoring and bonding mechanisms to the forefront of theoretical discussion and empirical research. Recent studies emphasize the potential conflicts of interest between controlling shareholders and other shareholders. For example, Shleifer and Vishny (1997), Faccio et al. (2001) and Holderness (2003) argued that when large owners gain nearly full control of the corporation, they prefer to generate private benefits of control that are not shared by minority shareholders. Hence, firms with large controlling shareholders may exhibit a different type of agency conflict, namely the expropriation of minority shareholders by majority shareholders. On the other hand, in the presence of large shareholders, managerial discretion can be restrained to some extent and agency costs between managers and shareholders are reduced because large shareholders have the ability and the incentives to monitor and discipline management (Shleifer a nd Vishny, 1986). However, this would imply a lesser role for corporate payout policy to address agency problems between corporate insiders and outside shareholders. Despite a great deal of prior research on the subject, few studies investigated the agency and ownership-based explanations of dividend policy. It is also important to note that the extent to which the companys dividend payout policy is effective in reducing the expected agency costs may also depend on its ownership and control structure. Nevertheless, one study by Mat Nor and Sulong (2007) had examined the relationship between ownership structure and dividends in Malaysia. They had used four types of ownership, namely ownership concentration, government ownership, foreign ownership and managerial ownership. However, their findings show a low explanatory power (between 0.118 and 0.124). On the other hand, a study in UK by Short, Zhang and Keasey (2002) that examined the link between corporate dividend policy and the ownership of shares by institutional investors and managers, using four models of dividend policy, the full adjustment model, the partial adjustment model, the Waud model and the earnings trend model found a very high explanatory power (between 0.843 and 0.993). Their study is the first example of using well-established dividend payout models to examine the potential association between ownership structures and dividend policy. These four models, which describe the adjustment of dividends to changes in several measures of corporate earnings, have been modified by the addition of dummy variables representing institutional and managerial ownership, in order to determine whether the presence of the specific classes of investors in the ownership structure affect the process of determination of the level of the earnings that are being distributed. Thus, this situation brings up a question whether it is true that ownership structure has a low impact on corporate dividend policy in Malaysia. Therefore, this study attempts to examine the hypothesized relationship between corporate dividend policy and the various types of ownership structure by using dividen d payout models. 1.3 OBJECTIVE OF THE STUDY Main Objective: To investigate the adoption of agency costs theory in explaining dividend policy in Malaysian listed companies. Specific Objective: To examine the relationship between various ownership structures based agency cost proxies on dividend policy. To identify which agency cost proxy is dominant in influencing dividend policy over the company. To identify which dividend model is superior in explaining the corporate dividend policy with variables associated with ownership structures. 1.4 SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY This study contributes to the growing body of survey research on dividend policy. For example, the current study not only updates previous research by Mat Nor and Sulong (2007) but is also applied in a different model, namely, the Full Adjustment Model, the Partial Adjustment Model and the Waud Model. These three types of dividend models had been modified to account for the possible effect of ownership structure and dividend policy. This study utilizes these three types of dividend models since it was found from previous research that dividend models can have the significant effect on ownership structure. In addition, this study is expected to support the agency theory, especially in explaining the ownership structure policy to reduce agency conflict. Consequently, this study would assist each ownership class to understand the explanation of the agency relationship. Shareholders with respect to stock investment in companies should be concerned with the agency conflict between ownership classes. Therefore, shareholders should justify that dividend policies are better control mechanisms for the agency conflict. Lastly, this study is also important in helping policy makers and companies to appropriately address the issues of agency costs. 1.5 LIMITATIONS OF THE STUDY The main limitation of this study is that the data period covers only on the year 2007. The shorter period of study may not be representative of the way companies operate their business cycle. Thus, a longer period of study might be good to provide better results for this research. The data for ownership structure was gathered from the list of the thirty largest shareholders disclosed in the company annual report. Consequently, the data may not be representative of the entire company. The study only covers 150 public-listed companies in the selected sectors. Hence, the results cannot be treated as conclusive for all sectors. Besides that, since the study was limited to publicly-held companies, the results may not necessarily be applicable to privately-held companies. 1.6 CONCLUSION Dividends distribution is one of the simplest ways for companies to communicate their financial well-being and shareholder value. Dividends send a clear, powerful message about future prospects and performance. Dividends are important for more than income generation since it also provides a way for investors to assess a company as an investment prospect. This study tests the relationship of ownership structure and corporate dividend policy via three types of dividend models, namely, the Full Adjustment Model, the Partial Adjustment Model (Litner, 1956) and the Waud Model (1966). It examined the adoption of agency costs theory through ownership structure and dividend policy. Significant results could act as guidance for companies and policy makers to appropriately address the issues of agency costs. The next section of the study briefly reviews the theoretical and empirical literature. Then, the third chapter describes the data, develops the theoretical model and also discusses the research framework. Chapter Four will reveal the empirical results while the summary and conclusion of the study are presented in Chapter Five.

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Diabetes A Lifelong Disorder - 2683 Words

Griselda Flores MED 2056 PTY Diabetes Mellitus Instructor Mandy Salzedo 09/07/2014 Diabetes is a lifelong disorder in which the body does not produce or properly use insulin, a hormone that regulates blood sugar by converting sugar, starches, and other foods into engery necessary for daily life. The problem may be caused by too little insulin or the body s resisitance to using the insulin that is secreted by the pancreas, a small organ that lies behind the lower part of the stomach (Laberge, 2011). As a result, glucose in the blood cannot be absorbed or used by the cells of the body. There are two major types of diabetes mellitus, type 1 and type 2. In order to diagnos diabetes laboratory tests such as Urine tests†¦show more content†¦A fasting blood glucose test is done by having blood drawn from the patient first thing in the morning after eating nothing since midnight the previous night, a score over 126 mg/dl indicates diabetes. Lastly, the glucose tolerance test involves the patients blood being drawn twice, the first time after fasting for 8 hrs and the second time two hours later, after drinking a very sweet drink, a score over 200 mg/dl indicated diabetes (Laberge, 2011). Type 1 diabetes formerly known as insulin dependent or juvenile diabetes is a sudden onset in which the body produces little or no insulin and commonly begins in childhood or adolescence, although anyone can develop type 1 diabetes at any time (Gale, 2013). Without insulin, sugar stays in the bloodstream and cannot be used to fuel the body cells. In this disease the body s immune system attacks and destroys beta cells in the pancreas by producing autoantibodies that cannot distinguish between an intruder and the bodys own beta cells that produce insulin (Brill, 2008). Thus, people with type 1 diabetes must take insulin injections to stay alive as the disease can be rapidly fatal without daily administration of unsulin (WHO, 2008). Type 2 diabetes

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Becoming Homeless Myself - 704 Words

The green papers flew in the air as I swam threw the piles,cautious as to where to step, but at the same time enjoying myself. I swam to the other end in my bronze coloured, two thousand dollar swimsuit. Half way I was stopped, not by someone, but something. A paper cut. I grab the paper and rip it up in anger, losing one hundred dollars. I fetch Jameson and tell him to get me a Band-Aid. Putting on my shirt, my phone rang. I quickly finished buttoning and attached my golden Rolex watch, glancing at the screen. Unknown number, now who could that be? I tap my phone and the call has been started. â€Å"Hello?† I ask curiously. â€Å"Ah, yes this is Carson James, thirty years of age living in Toronto Ontario and of the Christian background.† Hmm, â€Å"Alright, good bye.† I hang up, cursing myself as I forget to give my address. Jameson comes up with the bandage and I peel the protective paper off and gently apply it to my cut. Right after I finish, I’m told there’s a package for me.Who could that be from? Surely not from the gentle man I was talking to before. I walk up to the box, whipping out my Swiss Army pocket knife. Gently cutting the tape, I open the box. Inside, were my custom shoes I ordered from Jordan. Cautiously removing the packaging I pick up my Jordan’s and put them into my shoe collection, five-hundred collectable sneakers all sitting there peacefully in their respectable places. I sit down tired. AShow MoreRelatedSuppose Your Sociology Instructor Has Asked You to Do a Study of Homelessness. Which Research Technique (Survey, Observation, Experiment, Existing Sources) Would You Find the Most Useful? How Would You Use That Technique to Complete Your Assignment?778 Words   |  4 Pageshomelessness. Firstly, this technique allows me to gain information in my own point of view as I’m the observer and participant as well. Secondly, by using this method, the subject behaviors (homeless people) remain nat ural, therefore, giving the results high validity and reliability. Thirdly, it’s flexible as I can myself test the hypotheses and be able to redefine possible personal conceptions. Fourthly, by directing involving the research, my results will contain highly-detailed, high-quality informationRead More`` Let Them Eat Code `` By Atossa Abrahamians871 Words   |  4 Pagesfocuses her discussion on technology entrepreneurs who approach alleviating homeless in a negative manner or exploit the homeless to benefit their businesses. Throughout her paper, Abrahamian examines numerous problematic instances in which technology moguls used the misfortune of homeless citizens as learning tool to develop innovations for their businesses. Abrahamian traces this exploitation to society’s tendency to view homeless individuals as â€Å"primordial† instead of human beings like the rest of humanityRead MoreThe Homelessness : Why Should We Care About Homeless People?865 Words   |   4 PagesEnding Homelessness Why should we care about homeless people? That’s the kind of attitude you can witness that people have towards the homeless. Homelessness is a pretty common occurrence which might be a reason for people’s indifference towards it. People are unaware of the circumstances surrounding the homeless, which can lead them to believe their situation is like that because of their own personal choice. That is not entirely true and it’s an issue that should be addressed properly. EveryoneRead MoreThe Night Of The Midnight Run1118 Words   |  5 Pageslooking out the window. Suddenly, I heard my teacher say the words Midnight Run. Little did I know, this would forever change my perspective on the way I saw the world. A Midnight Run is when many volunteers come together and distribute goods for the homeless. We gather items such as toiletries, blankets, jackets, gloves, hats, scarves, backpacks, and shoes that come to us in the form of donations. We make several stops in Man hattan and distribute the items. At first I was hesitant to do it. The thoughtRead MoreThe Important Character Traits For A Person853 Words   |  4 Pageshaving self-regulation and self-control. People who are temperate are generally grateful for what they have. This is because temperance is strength against excessive. It is word that can be used to describe people who do not overindulge. I consider myself to be an extremely temperate person, the reason being can be traced back to my upbringing. My family was always comfortable financially growing up. We never lived indulgently, however we never had to worry about when our next meal would be. This upbringingRead MoreThe Social Work Of A Social Worker1551 Words   |  7 Pagesto the presenting problems. It is important that in the process, social workers remain with a nonjudgmental attitude and look at how the person’s environment has been harmful to his or her life. For example, when a social worker is working with a homel ess individual, it is crucial to â€Å"begin where the client is†, while assessing the client’s current needs. Homelessness continues to be a prevalent social issue that continues to affect the lives of many citizens and that social workersRead MoreBecoming A Master Level Social Worker752 Words   |  4 PagesSocial workers are each created in unique ways. Some are affected personally or by issues, people, and/or situations around them. I carry my own personal experiences from good to bad ones. Becoming a master level social worker provides me with a larger spectrum to where I could dedicate myself. Accomplishing a master degree in social worker puts me a step closer to obtaining a licensure, being a therapist, a supervisor, a program director, and many other things. As social workers we carry differentRead MoreThe Poverty Of The Homeless Essay1657 Words   |  7 PagesHomeless people are those who do not have the necessities to survive in this world like most fortunate people do. Some of the reasons why people end up becoming homeless are due to poverty, lack of funds to af ford housing, loss of employment, drug addiction, or other personal issues. On a day-to-day basis, we see homeless people everywhere such as on the streets or by the freeway begging for money so they can be fed. After observing so many homeless people in Los Angeles, my mom and I decided toRead MoreHousing Case Study1312 Words   |  6 Pagesproperty but Kelly wait for this application that been put in yet and been put today 20th June 2017 which had been place so I had a conversation that I ring heron Monday. But will Kelly tomorrow and follow up and let know that all people including myself and my wife we are also entitled to housing. I believe that we will continued to place in second, third, four or further down ladder and so what was point of placing us on priority List if this is what is happen in Albury region. I have no choiceRead MoreBecoming A Master s Level Social Worker788 Words   |  4 PagesEach Social worker is created in a unique way. Some are affected personally, by issues, people, and/or situations around them. I carry my own personal experiences from good to bad ones. Becoming a Master’s level Social Worker provides me with a larger spectrum to which I could dedicate myself. Accomplishing a Master degree in social work sets me a step closer to obtaining a licensure, being a therapist, a supervisor, a program director, and many other things. As social workers, we carry different

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Project milestone free essay sample

My client used to be a cheerleader but had to quit for a few months due to a broken leg. These activities will help prepare her to go back Into cheering. The two areas my client struggles with most are Balance Power. Skill Related Fitness Area Drill Agility Attend a dance or aerobics class at a local gym. The client will start from the beginners level work her way Into the upper levels every few weeks. She should attend these classes twice a week.Speed Reaction Time client will lie on the ground on her back or front. On command, she will get up sprint 20 meters-30 meters to a designated point. When the coach sounds the command it will help her improve her reaction time trying to get to the designated point. Sprinting to the designated point will help improve her speed as well. Balance The client will do 3 levels of standing progression. We will write a custom essay sample on Project milestone or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Level 1 is the basic standing on one leg balancing for at least 30 sec. Level 2 is the same except she must have her eyes loses, making it a little more difficult.The 3rd IV is standing reaches; The client will place cones in front of them far enough to challenge the balance. While standing on one foot she will reach out in a controlled speed touch each cone, doing this on both legs 3 sets each. Power To improve build power, the client will be doing Jumping drills. Starting with her arms in a high V position, she will rise up on the balls of her feet. Swing the arms down, crossing them in front of the body dipping deeply with her knees. As the arms point down, initiate the Jump, exploding into the air, hitting her jump with the proper arm motion. She will land with her knees bent slightly arms alongside the legs then immediately explode back into the air. Will do this drill 5 times before taking a break. Coordination For better coordination, the client will be doing Lateral Feet drills. Lay a ladder flat on the ground; Starting with both feet outside of the 1st square to the left. The client will step into the 1st square with the left foot 1st, Immediately followed by the right tot In a 1-2 motion.Next, she will step to the right, outside the 1st square again w/ left foot 1 SST followed by the right foot. Then she will step diagonally left Into the 2nd square, w/ left foot leading always keeping 1-2 motion. Finally, she will step out to the left hand side of the 2nd square repeat for the full length of the ladder. Will perform 2 sets starting from the left 2 starting from the right (so lead foot will change) project milestone By elopements 23 leg. These activities will help prepare her to go back into cheering.The two areas my Agility beginners level work her way into the upper levels every few weeks. She should Client will lie on the ground on her back or front. On command, she will get up arms point down, initiate the Jump, exploding into the air, hitting her Jump with the will step into the 1st square with the left foot 1st, immediately followed by the right foot in a 1-2 motion. Next, she will step to the right, outside the 1st square again w/ left foot 1st followed by the right foot.

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The Catcher In The Rye 3 Essay Example For Students

The Catcher In The Rye 3 Essay Sometimes characters can allow a strong feeling or emotion todominate their lives.;Holden allows the strong feelings and emotions of death, society, schooland innocence to dominate his life. Holden is a very sensitive boy who can notignore his problems, instead he dwells on them. These feelings and emotionsare dominant because Holden believes strongly in them. The strong negative feelings that Holden has for his school and itscommunity are present because of its concern for an image. When students donot put in they are expelled to keep the schools high academic rating, This isrepresented when Holden says I got the axe. They give guys the axe quitefrequently at Pencey.; he does not like this as it does not allow students to beindividuals and be who they really want to be. Another reason Holden dislikesschool so much is because the way teachers have an unfair authority over theirstudents. Mr Spencer used his authority when he read out Holdens paper. We will write a custom essay on The Catcher In The Rye 3 specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now holden thought this was rude and said I dont think Ill ever forgive him forreading me that crap out loud. I wouldntve read it out loud to him if hedwritten it I really wouldnt.;Holden is not fond of the society that he lives in. It is a superficialsociety that worships the movies and actors because they portray a type ofliving that seems wonderful, although it is very false. Holden does not like themovies, he views them as a world that people wish they could be in. Anexample of this is when Holden says If there is one thing I hate, its themovies.; Holden also dislikes the actors. He feels that they do not act likecommon people instead they act more like they knew they were celebrities;and that annoyed him because he can not understand why people admire themso much. He thinks that actors are shallow and create an even biggermisconception on life. Holdens way to cope with society is to wear his redhunting hat in public. This is a way for him to demonstrate that he is differentand that he will not conform to the way society and people want him to. This isshown when he calls his hat a people shooting hat;. Holden feels that societyis too concerned with materialism and appearance and he does not want to beea part of it and this is why he wears his red hunting hat. The death of Holdens bother has effected him tremendously. WhenAllie died Holden revealed to us that he broke all the windows in the garage;with his bare fists. When Holden felt lonely he would think of Allie, this isrepresented when Holden is walking down a street and at the end of everyblock he would say ; Allie, dont let me disappear. Please Allie.; Anotherreason why death dominates Holdens life is because Allie is one of the fewpeople he actually likes. When Pheobe told him angrily that Allie was deadHolden said ;Just because somebodys dead, you dont just stop liking them,for Gods sake especially if they were about a thousand times nicer than thepeople you know thatre alive and all.;Trying to maintain peoples innocence is something that Holden stronglybelieves in. It is a quality that he thinks people should never lose and go into afalse and deceptive world. Holden especially wants to stop children fromentering this world and because of this Holden said that if children are runn ingon a cliff and they dont look where theyre going I have to come out fromsomewhere and catch them. Thats all Id do all day.I know its crazy, butthats the only thing Id really like to be.; He wants to be the person whomakes them see that the world is a hypocritical place to belong to and that theyshould try to avoid it as much as they can. This shows us how strongly Holdenfeels about preserving peoples innocence and individuality. .u6aebaaee3d1b54c53ae25b808f65fb49 , .u6aebaaee3d1b54c53ae25b808f65fb49 .postImageUrl , .u6aebaaee3d1b54c53ae25b808f65fb49 .centered-text-area { min-height: 80px; position: relative; } .u6aebaaee3d1b54c53ae25b808f65fb49 , .u6aebaaee3d1b54c53ae25b808f65fb49:hover , .u6aebaaee3d1b54c53ae25b808f65fb49:visited , .u6aebaaee3d1b54c53ae25b808f65fb49:active { border:0!important; } .u6aebaaee3d1b54c53ae25b808f65fb49 .clearfix:after { content: ""; display: table; clear: both; } .u6aebaaee3d1b54c53ae25b808f65fb49 { display: block; transition: background-color 250ms; webkit-transition: background-color 250ms; width: 100%; opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #95A5A6; } .u6aebaaee3d1b54c53ae25b808f65fb49:active , .u6aebaaee3d1b54c53ae25b808f65fb49:hover { opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #2C3E50; } .u6aebaaee3d1b54c53ae25b808f65fb49 .centered-text-area { width: 100%; position: relative ; } .u6aebaaee3d1b54c53ae25b808f65fb49 .ctaText { border-bottom: 0 solid #fff; color: #2980B9; font-size: 16px; font-weight: bold; margin: 0; padding: 0; text-decoration: underline; } .u6aebaaee3d1b54c53ae25b808f65fb49 .postTitle { color: #FFFFFF; font-size: 16px; font-weight: 600; margin: 0; padding: 0; width: 100%; } .u6aebaaee3d1b54c53ae25b808f65fb49 .ctaButton { background-color: #7F8C8D!important; color: #2980B9; border: none; border-radius: 3px; box-shadow: none; font-size: 14px; font-weight: bold; line-height: 26px; moz-border-radius: 3px; text-align: center; text-decoration: none; text-shadow: none; width: 80px; min-height: 80px; background: url(; position: absolute; right: 0; top: 0; } .u6aebaaee3d1b54c53ae25b808f65fb49:hover .ctaButton { background-color: #34495E!important; } .u6aebaaee3d1b54c53ae25b808f65fb49 .centered-text { display: table; height: 80px; padding-left : 18px; top: 0; } .u6aebaaee3d1b54c53ae25b808f65fb49 .u6aebaaee3d1b54c53ae25b808f65fb49-content { display: table-cell; margin: 0; padding: 0; padding-right: 108px; position: relative; vertical-align: middle; width: 100%; } .u6aebaaee3d1b54c53ae25b808f65fb49:after { content: ""; display: block; clear: both; } READ: The character traits of macbeth EssayThe feelings and emotions that Holden allows to dominate his life are allimportant to him, which is expressed during the novel. Holden allows them todominate because they are something that he believes strongly in, even thoughthey bring back bad memories and things he is not fond of.

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Comparing Computers Essays - Microsoft, Database, Server

Comparing Computers Essays - Microsoft, Database, Server Comparing Computers ASSIGNMENT 12 00 COMPARE AND CONTRAST PROGRAMS FOR SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS At home I have Microsoft Office, not the 2000 version but I can tell you this program is like no other when it comes to presentation and processor capabilities. It is the cadillac of the programs. I have contemplated getting the office 2000 version however I am told it is very complicated and not generally for home or small business use. It is generally for the company that networks and moves around on the world wide web. As far as their database goes, it is also fairly good with Microsoft Access however transporting the database into other programs is still difficult in that it is complicated. Publisher 2000 is again an added boost to this program since it is able to help you with any publication/presentation, mailings and so on. The cost is high also which makes it less attractive for the small business owner. Microsoft Back Office, Small Business Server, is just that, a server. The cost is more reasonable however its capabilities are limited. Arc Server IT 6.6 is an excellent program for a small business because it has great database movement capabilities. Its backup and security programs are terrific which is paramount for a small business. I have know small business owners who have spent hours trying to recoup their database. It can cost them a lot of time and money with this type of a problem. This company also provides help, 24 hours of the day which is the biggest help for these store owners. There is almost no amount of money that can surpass this quality.

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BSBOHS503B Assist in the design and devlopment of OHS participative Essay

BSBOHS503B Assist in the design and devlopment of OHS participative arrangements - Essay Example In this paper the conduct of a health committee is evaluated in terms of building a committee that is functional and effective. A constitution to govern the working of the committee is proposed, and dispute resolution in the committee in terms of the work, health and safety (WHS) management model is discussed. In the case study given, a health and safety committee has been operational for six months but has been ineffective due to a clash of personalities. As the workplace safety officer, there are various steps I can take to improve the efficiency of the committee. The first step will be reviewing the committee’s constitution to ensure that it is aligned with the organization’s vision. The committee members will be educated on the purpose of the committee. The junior workers in the committee will be taught that the health and safety committee is not another avenue for them to voice their wishes to the management. Rather, it is a forum to generate solutions for the health and safety problems at the workplace. The second step will be improving the cohesiveness of the committee through team building exercises. Team building and workplace cohesiveness reduces workplace bullying incidences which are impact negatively on workplace health and safety (Chan-Mok, Janet, Carlo and Chr is 3; Keashly and Branda 423). The agenda of the committee meetings will be clearly communicated to the members. This will avoid deviation from the relevant issues during the meetings and preempt the witnessed personality crash. Finally, the committee will be setting practical goals and steps to achieve these goals. An evaluation procedure will be available in order to determine if the goals are being met in a timely manner. The health and safety committee is tasked with coordination of health and safety related activities in an organization. The committee should be representative of all stake holders who are affected by the health and safety systems implemented by